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Available Puppy Pals                                    
                                    All our Babies are AKC Registered

 We have a few friends with pups......
Jan's Lacie girl & Levi have an all parti litter 1 male & 1 female available......
Courtney's Little Maggie and Little Rock  have 2 females available.....
Tina's Mayze & Walker are here.....1 females, 1 male
Asha's Coco & my Little Rock have 2 males available.....

Schnauzer Pal News:   Ellie & Hans litter  due  July 6, 2018....

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 Both Parents have thrown teacup, toy and mini.  This is their first breeding together so not sure the size they will throw together but do know that Ellie does not throw for partis, so expecting liver/tans and solids.  Both have mega coats and are super smart and sweet babies.  Ellie is a cuddle bug as well as a talker.  We carry on conversations quite often.  

  Hans  12lb Liver Parti                Ellie   13lb    Liver/Tan


                Roxie  -  Little Rock                        August  2018

                Faith  -  MacMac                             November 2018
                Klip-C  -  Kovu                               November 2018
                Izzie  -  ???                                      October  2018