My Little Schnauzer Pals - Puppy Pal Studs - Silsbee, TX
My Little Schnauzer Pals -    Snuggly - Lovable - Huggable - Tiny - Adorable Schnauzers
Stud Service
               All Studs AKC Registered
The following Males are available for Stud Service, females must be Bruccelosis Tested before service is provided!  Services start at $500.....
Coal Man Working on Rally TitlesSalt & Pepper Stud Man     Coal Man
      CGC Title
        Working on
         Rally Titles          
        12 lbs  6 ozs
  Salt & Pepper (Silver)
         Great Coat
         $600.00 Fee

                                                              Working on CGC Title   
                                                                     8 lbs  4 ozs
                                                                Heavy Super Coat   
                                                                     $600.00  Fee
Kovu our Black male with a heavy super/mega coat
     Abishai  -  Gordan  &  Mary's Schnauzer Pal
      15 lbs
     Wheaten with Liver Points
       Very Nice Coat
         $500.00   Fee
Abishai beautiful Wheaten Coat
Wheaten - Precious Stud Man 

   Jorge - Marsha's Schnauzer Pal
                                                                             11 lbs
                                                                      Platinum Silver
                                                                   Heavy Regular Coat
                                                                          $500.00  Fee
Jorge 11lb platinum Silver