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Thank you for stopping by and visiting our site, you can learn more about My Little Schnauzer Pals by selecting one of the options on the menu to the left of this page............Now for the rest of the story........................

My Little Schnauzer Pals
My Little Schnauzer Pals

My Little Schnauzer Pals is a Schnauzer breeder located in Silsbee, Texas. We have the highest quality of healthy happy miniature schnauzer puppies in all the colors. If you are considering a little pal, let me tell you how we feel about our little schnauzers....... My husband and I  were totally blown away by the affection shown from this breed.  They have such a child like personality that we had immediately & absolutely become smitten. We thought (our first encounter with the schnauzer world). We would give our granddaughter a little schnauzer, who is considering becoming a vet. Little did we know how quickly we would totally fall in love with the little darling. So after much, much schnauzer research we decided to start our own breeding program of lovable, huggable schnauzer pals for others to enjoy as well. We now have adorable teacup, toy & small miniature size schnauzers that are square with great conformation.  Our pals are a variety of colors including those not so easy to find such as white with black or liver points, solid liver also known as chocolate, a variety of parti colors and the standard schnauzer colors as well. They are very intelligent and friendly and make great pets for most any family.  I was really completely taken in when we were told they do not shed or have that funny dog odor. WOW! What an incredible bonus. We simply adore our little pals and hope you will too!

 Definitely a breed all their own! 


All of  My Little Schnauzer Pals are AKC registered!

Our goal is to raise the highest quality of healthy happy schnauzer puppies for your next companion and family member.

So have a look around and let us introduce you to My Little Schnauzer Pals.  They have truly become a wonderful part of our family.


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