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About Us
My husband and I have lived, worked and attended the same church assembly in the golden triangle all our lives.  We have been married for over 46 years and raised 3 beautiful children and have 6, not only beautiful but awesome grandchildren and now are raising a new kind of family.  My little schnauzer pals.  At this time we have 8 of the most wonderful little schnauzers you could ever ask for and all are AKC registered.  They range in sizes from 5lbs to 12lbs.  Our first little love was Wyndsong's Aspynn Breeze, salt & pepper parti (silver parti). The most friendly, and loving little doll and yes a little bossy with the rest of the family...she was first of course!   She is now weighing approximately 9 lbs 10 ozs.   RETIRED
   Aspynn - Salt & Pepper parti (white & silver)
Our first boy was a little salt & pepper (silver) fellow, Louviere's Coal Man which is now 12lbs and as handsome as he can be.  His favorite thing is to be chased so he has a lot of fun teasing the other babies so they will chase him.  He really has the greatest personality and is super intelligent.  I can't say enough about him, he is so much fun.   He now has a CGC Title and hopefully soon will have his Rally title as well.....   Bryce-One of My Awesome Grandsons & Coal - Salt & Pepper (silver)
Then we couldn't resist and purchased Wyndsong's Gemminie Krickett, which is Aspynn's sister.  She is a black parti with a mega coat.  Sweetest little darling but very shy.  Krickett loves to cuddle and when I sit down she will normally be the first one to my lap. She is weighing approximately 10 lbs.  RETIRED
      Krickett   Black Parti     Mega Coat
Our next is the smallest of the family but almost always has the last word.  She is such a little mother and can not rest until everyone is in their place.  My husband, being a shift worker drives her crazy when his shift changes, sometimes he has to be called so she will settle down for the night......Louviere's Kenleigh Raine, she is a liver pepper parti, weighing barely 6lbs.  We will not be having any more pups by her she only had one beautiful litter and had a very hard time, but she is and will always be our little darling!!!  RETIRED       Kenleigh Liver Pepper Parti
   Mac Mac White Chocolate    Super Coat This is our  little white chocolate boy with a super coat weighing 7 lbs.  White Rose's Mackadamian De'lite and what a deliteful little fellow he is.  He was suppose to be my granddaughters, but I became his.  Everywhere I go he follows me and finds a spot to lay until I'm on the move again. He's a super little boy and I'm so thankful we found him. My precious little shadow.....
We are located north of Beaumont, Texas about 20 minutes.  If you have any questions feel free to contact us any time by phone, e-mail, or text at this number 409-201-2738 / 409-385-5975 or just use the contact page..............
                                                  A great place to raise our little ones!
                                    All of My Little Schnauzer Pals are AKC registered
                         The above puppy pals are our Schnauzer Family sorry these are not for sale.......
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